Star (S02E09) "Climax"

It’s the mid season, finale & Carlotta is in the hospital. Batiste, (Philip Derona) “the only cop in Atlanta” she jokes, is at her bedside.More

Star (S02E07) "Ghetto Symphony"

Testify!” It’s  What’s happening in America” #blm & civil, inalienable rights. Derek is back in the streets, interviewing & Al Sharpton is on the telly talking…
Filmed in black & white & one of the better cutaways, the “colored boys” sing about “” in America.More

Star (S02E05) "May the Best Manager Win!"

Alexandra is having nightmares in the daytime, about Derek finding out about her pregnancy termination. #abortion Star is having “just sex”  with Noah erry where but a bed & Simone losses her juvie roomie Karen .More

Star (S02E03) "FUA…GoodNight!"

I must admit the title of this episode had me going.  I can only come up with an acronym, “F*@k U  Ayanna” (now) Good Night!”That’s my ruling and I’m sticking with it!More

Star (S02E02) "Insecure"

It’s Miami. Jahil is alive & beating up his brother, Javier, complete with body slams.  Javier owes Jahil, $200k. He wants it. 
His nephew enters and stops them.More

Star: (S01E11) “Saving Face”

In a moment of truce, the worn warriors, Carlotta  and Jahil look through a photo album starring Cotton. Carlotta share’s childhood stores with Jahil and the thing…along with a smooth Peruvian smile that, “got me knocked up in the first place; a joint.More