Strike Back (S08E04) “Episode Four”

After last week's solid, but slow episode 3, director Bill Eagles shot out of the gate, through the field and straight on until morning with this incredibly action-packed episode. 

Strike Back (S08E02) “Episode Two”

Did you ask for more action? Well, this followup episode to the season premiere delivered in a huge way. Strike Back never shies away from fights, explosions, bullets, and all the rest. However, this episode was stuffed to the gills with all of that and is sure to become a fan favorite. 

Strike Back Filming Update

Alright Strike Back fans, I know you've been waiting impatiently for news about next season. We've got some to share now!

Strike Back (S06E07) Episode 7"

***spoilers ahead***

The week we take a dive into the head of Sgt Wyatt (Dan MacPherson), seeing him put through the ringer on the continuing the hunt for Lowry (Katherine Kelly). MacPherson really allowed his emotional range to shine this episode, those big blues conveying grief to a t.… More “Strike Back (S06E07) Episode 7"”