Supernatural (S15E03) “The Rupture”

Screenshot 464 1024x541 - Supernatural (S15E03) "The Rupture"


“You won’t give them up? Not for any price?”

“Not for any price.”

(Ketch last words to Ardat)


Howdy all~

Decided to go back to my Q & A format for reviewing.More

Supernatural (S14E15) “Peace of Mind”

SPN 0507 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E15) "Peace of Mind"

“Sir using language like that, H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! Your mouth should be washed out with soap!” (Sam as Justin to Castiel)

My prediction (I haven’t seen any spoilers, I only watched the promo): This is a short promo but I think I have a hunch.More