Supernatural (S13E22) “Exodus”

One more episode to go! One more! I’m excited for the final, but more excited for Season 14 then anything! 🙂     (My review of this episode is in the link below the article, but please also check out the article later as well.)

Now I mention an article about Jensen aka Dean playing a new character in Season 14.More

Supernatural (S13E17) "The Thing"

Hey there my Hunters! I hope you guys loved this episode as much as I did. Although there were some parts that I found somewhatly odd, but at least things are progressing with the dimension hopping.… More

Supernatural (S13E16) "ScoobyNatural"

Sorry for the delay.

But I decided to do things a bit differently for this review. I will still be doing an audio review for it but just asking myself more simplier questions.… More

Supernatural (S13E13) "Devil’s Bargain"

Save the date you guys! March 1st is when Supernatural returns to the CW. So if your behind on the show or just want to rewatch the last few episodes I would suggest doing it now before the month is over.… More