Superstore (S04E16) “Easter”

When Amy learns of the secret cameras in the store; she also learns the secrets employees say about her. Also, a runaway bunny rabbit is on the lose and Dina tries to catch it.… More

Superstore (S04E13) “Lovebirds”

Thursday’s episode of Superstore “Lovebirds” was another brilliant half-hour comedy that delivered so well, even though it took place during Valentine’s Day. Here’s a recap!More

Superstore (S04E10) “Cloud 9 Academy”

Superstore is back and it’s like they have never left that made us laugh and feel. Here’s a recap!!

As Amy and Cheyenne take a Cloud 9 management class at the Cloud 9 Academy; Amy isn’t quite okay with working with Cheyenne as they had to come up with ideas to help their store that some were good and some of them not.… More