Teen Wolf (S06E20) "The Wolves of War"

This is it. The end of it all, the finale. It has been an amazing run my glorious wolf pack. Teen Wolf will always be one of my top favorite fandoms 🙂
#1 What was this episode about?More

Teen Wolf (S06E18) "Genotype"

Woot! Woot! Two more episodes to go!

#1 What’s this episode about?
A new evil is about to rise & the gang might be over there heads.More

Teen Wolf (S06E16) "Triggers"

Only four more episodes to go for this season. The suspense is killing me!

#1 What’s this episode about?
Everyone is full of plans this episode but will it all work out.More

TeenWolf (S06E14) "Face-to-Faceless"

Wasting no time from hear on out, just getting to the reviews~    🙂

#1 What’s this episode about?
In tonight’s episode Scott & his gang are trying to pretend like nothing happened.More

Teen Wolf (S06E13) "After Images"

Hello all! Sorry for the delay with the Teen Wolf reviews, but I was dealing with Hurricane Harvey, not working for a bit, and also just being a tad lazy.More

Teen Wolf (S06E12) "Raw Talent"

Another week, another glorious episode! Sorry for the delay, but I couldn’t watch Teen Wolf! Family kept hogging the TV, but it’s okay I eventually watched.… More

Teen Wolf (S06E11) "Said the Spider to the Fly"

Source of Image: https://twitter.com/poetvhaz/status/892003237980762112
Hello my Wolf Pack! It’s finally arrived! The last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf, I can already tell from this new episode that we will be going on an emotional roller coaster ride.… More