76th Golden Globes TV Nomination

The nominations for the 76th annual Golden Globes were announced Thursday morning. Here are the television nominations:


The Americans, FX

Bodyguard, Netflix

Homecoming, Amazon Prime

Killing Eve, BBC America

Pose, FX


Jason Bateman, Ozark

Stephan James, Homecoming

Richard Madden, Bodyguard

Billy Porter, Pose

Matthew Rhys, The Americans


Caitriona Balfe, Outlander

Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale

Sandra Oh, Killing Eve

Julia Roberts, Homecoming

Keri Russell, The Americans



The Good Place


The Kominsky Method

The Marvelous Mrs.… More

The Alienist (S01E09) “Requiem”

Okay folks, we have reached the penultimate episode of the series. This is important, because as anyone who has read my other reviews will know, I love the word ‘penultimate.’ I don’t have a lot of opportunities to use it, so when I do, I make the most of it.… More

The Alienist (S01E07) “Many Sainted Men”

I think the title of this week’s episode is intended to be irony. Well, intended or not, it IS ironic. With the possible exception of Moore, the entire episode is about men being less than saint-like.… More

The Alienist (S01E05): “Hildebrand’s Starling”

This week’s episode marks the halfway point in the series. The trio of Kreizler, Sara, and Moore is experiencing some tension, the investigation has stalled a little, and some people are beginning to get a little impatient.… More

The Alienist (S01E04): “These Bloody Thoughts’

Another episode that opens with a scene where excessive propriety provides a sharp contrast to a decidedly improper conversation. Kreizler is sitting in a parlor with a woman and a maid brings in a tray with a silver coffee service.… More

The Alienist (S01E03): “Silver Smile”

Unlike the first two episodes, this episode opens with a scene of almost excessive gentility. Byrnes is telling an upper class couple named Van Bergen, who are sitting at the opposite ends of a very long dining table, that their son Willem might have been involved in a series of murders of boy prostitutes.… More