The Bold Type S03E06 “#TBT”

Hello everyone! In this episode we got the opportunity to live Jane’s first day at Scarlet with our three beloved girls and that’s awesome!… More

The Bold Type S03E04 “The Deep End”

Hi everyone! I feel so empowered after watching this week’s episode so if there is anyone who did not see it by now… drop everything you’re about and go see it immediately!… More

The Bold Type (S03E01) “The New Normal”

Hello The Bold Type Army! Got an amazing news for you, TBT is back and I’m so ready! There was an unfilled place in my heart this whole time while we’ve been waiting for season 3 and now it’s high time for new stories and new beginnings, don’t you think?… More

The Bold Type (S02E08) “Plan B”

Hello TBT army! This week’s episode was so emotional, so intense, I can barely put in words my feelings. There’s no doubt we could comment a little about it.… More

The Bold Type (S02E07) “Betsy”

Hello everyone! Time for a little recap of the last episode of The Bold Type! I’m still confused after this one, I would never imagine the writers of TBT would come with things like that.… More