The Exorcist (S02E10) "Unworthy"

The season finale of The Exorcist leaves no stone unturned. Even though we are given 10 short episodes, it’s enough to become invested in the story of this new family.… More

The Exorcist (S02E07) "Help Me"

Andy (John Cho) wake’s up to a beautiful morning. You can’t help but think that something is out of place. This isn’t reality, considering where we last left off in The Exorcist saga.… More

The Exorcist (S02E04) "One For Sorrow"

Andy (John Cho) has decided to take on a new child, Harper (Beatrice Kitsos). After her ordeal with her psychotic mother, she needs a safe place to rest her head.… More

The Exorcist (S02E02) "Safe As Houses"

Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) is alive and well. He has brought his case before higher-ups in the church, where he has accused the cardinal of being possessed to the point of integration.… More