The Gifted (S02E07) “no Mercy”

I couldn’t be happier with this week’s episode. We finally got to see the bank heist, a little bit about Reeva’s past, and how psychotic Rebbeca is.… More

The Gifted (S02E06) “iMprint”

The Gifted certainly amped things up this week with drama on all sides. It’s nice to see things continuing to head towards what will be an intense climax.… More

The Gifted (S02E04) “outMatched”

Absolute chaos has erupted at the hospital, proving how far these characters are willing to go for their cause. The siblings finally come face to face for the first time in months and it did not go well.… More

The Gifted (S02E03) “coMplications”

This week’s episode was both heartbreaking and wonderful. Seeing Reed (Stephen Moyer) come into his powers was great. He had been fighting it for so long that I’m hoping now he’ll embrace them.… More

The Gifted (S02E02) “unMoored”

This week’s episode was very character informative. We finally got to see how John (Blair Redford) was brought into The Underground, which felt almost a little Wolverine a lá X-Men (2000).… More