The Great Indoors (S01E22) “The Company Retreat”

It is time for the annual team building retreat, which means there will be debauchery and drama. They seem to go hand in hand when this group is involved in anything, and since it is the season finale, anything can happen.… More

The Great Indoors (S01E19) “Ricky Leaks”



The wrath of a disgruntled IT guy is far-reaching, and the team finds this out the hard way. When Ricky (Rory Scovel), their IT guy overhears them gossiping about him, it sets him in a rage.More

The Great Indoors (S01E18) “Party Paul”



Can confirm. Paul is not a cat.

Coming in from a night of drunken debauchery Jack (Joel McHale) and Roland (Stephen Fry) are faced with a very angry Brooke (Susannah Fielding).More

The Great Indoors (S01E17) “Cubicles”


Jack (Joel McHale) is fed up with the open concept arrangement that is in the outdoor limit’s office. Between the ping pong brainstorm with Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Mason (Shaun Brown), and Esther (Deborah Maker Jr) making “water”, it’s complete chaos.More

The Great Indoors (S01E16) “Aaron Wolf”


Jack (Joel McHale) is all about being authentic and true to the outdoors, that’s why it has been so important for him to be a wealth of knowledge and experience for the rest of the team.More

The Great Indoors (S01E15) “Relationship Jack”



If you were looking for unicorn giggles and the cuddle kraken, you have come to the right place. The sickeningly sweet obsession that Jack (Joel McHale) has developed for Rachel (Maggie Lawson) proves to be troublesome for all parties involved.More

The Great Indoors (S01E13) “DTR”



Commitment phobia, thruples and penis tracing are all accounted for in this episode.

Jack (Joel McHale) has decided to try to dive back into the dating pool, hoping to find the right woman who doesn’t want something serious so when date 3 arrived and Rachel (Maggie Lawson) asks where Jack sees the relationship going he runs like a scared little puppy, with his tail tucked between his legs.More