The Magicians (S03E04) "Be the Penny" Review

Episode 3×04 “Be The Penny” was narratively very innovative because the whole thing was explored from Penny’s point of view. We watch as Penny watches his friends react to his death, and just like us, Penny can’t do anything about it.… More

Interview with Summer Bishil, Margo in The Magicians

Summer Bishil stars as ‘Margo Hanson’ in SyFy’s The Magicians currently in its third season airing new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c. 

  1. How do you feel about the changes your character has undergone in the past three years?

The Magicians (S02E13) “Little Cakes”

The episode begins with Ember giving us a run down about the creation of Fillory from season 1 to now. Giving his own spin on things you see that yeah Ember is a huge jerk (he didn’t let Martin back into Fillory because he was uncomfortable looking at Martin after he was molested; poor Martin!).… More

The Magicians (S02E12) “Ramifications”

Julia carried Alice’s shade from the Underworld and helps Quentin and Mayakovsky bring Alice back to human form. Niffin Alice is needless to say less than pleased but they manage to bring her back but the human Alice is also less than thrilled to be back in one piece.… More