The Middle (S09E15) "Toasted"

The Olympics are over, which means the Hecks are finally back with a new episode!

It’s Sue’s 21st birthday and Frankie goes over to East Indy to celebrate with her.… More

The Middle (S09E12) "The Other Man"

As we saw last week, Sue and Sean still didn’t get together. And as I mentioned in the review of this episode, I hoped, seeing as Aidan would be in this episode, that Sue would break up with him.… More

The Middle (S09E11) "New Year's Revelations"

Sorry for not getting this review up sooner, I was still recovering from the holidays. But here goes:

After finally seeing Sue and Sean kiss on Christmas Eve, this episode continues with this storyline.… More

The Middle (S09E10) "The Christmas Miracle"

It’s Christmas time in Orson, but the kids aren’t really feeling it this year. That’s why Frankie decides that instead of a ‘little kid Christmas’ they can do a ‘big kid Christmas’ now that the kids have grown up.… More