The Punisher (S01E13) "Memento Mori"

Okay so this is it, season finale! Kinda hard for me to believe I just started reviewing these episodes last week on Friday and now I’m here at this moment on Turkey Day of all days!… More

The Punisher (S01E12) "Home"

Holy Moly, this episode was so good! It really lives up to being great and with there being only one episode left I bet its going to make a fantastic ending to the season.… More

The Punisher (S01E07) “Crosshairs”

Alright so this episode was really good, I don’t care what others are saying about this series. This series in my eyes is really good and what always has to interest me for a movie or a tv series is the story.… More

The Punisher (S01E06) "The Judas Goat"

This episode again was another great episode! I love this series so much already and its only the sixth episode. We are getting to know so much about the side characters as well and I’m still wondering who the villain is going to really be in the big picture.… More