The Walking Dead (S09E09) “Adaptation”

Spoilers ahead! We’ll be discussing this episode in-depth.

The mid-season return of The Walking Dead with the episode Adaptation, was an interesting transition for the AMC series that continues to reinvent itself.… More

The Walking Dead (S08E14) "Worth"


Endings and Set Ups & Letters, Oh My!

Fans of Negan and The Saviors got an almost bottle episode in ‘Worth’, an episode resolving some storylines while setting up others for the 8th season finale ‘Wrath’.  Written by David Leslie Johnson & Corey Reed, ‘Worth’ is directed by Michael Slovis and stands as a powerful penultimate episode of season 8’s All Out War story.… More

The Walking Dead (S08E14) ‘Still Gotta Mean Something"

amc twd s8b 18x48 v2 - The Walking Dead (S08E14) 'Still Gotta Mean Something"

Closure is a beautiful, heartbreaking thing

‘Still Gotta Mean Something’ is one of TWD’s best season 8 episodes, with intense action, wrapped up long-dragging plotlines plus inspired performances from Pollyanna McIntosh, Joshua Mikel, Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James and Danai Gurira.… More