The Walking Dead (S08E14) "Worth"


Endings and Set Ups & Letters, Oh My!

Fans of Negan and The Saviors got an almost bottle episode in ‘Worth’, an episode resolving some storylines while setting up others for the 8th season finale ‘Wrath’.  Written by David Leslie Johnson & Corey Reed, ‘Worth’ is directed by Michael Slovis and stands as a powerful penultimate episode of season 8’s All Out War story.… More

The Walking Dead (S08E14) ‘Still Gotta Mean Something"

amc twd s8b 18x48 v2 - The Walking Dead (S08E14) 'Still Gotta Mean Something"

Closure is a beautiful, heartbreaking thing

‘Still Gotta Mean Something’ is one of TWD’s best season 8 episodes, with intense action, wrapped up long-dragging plotlines plus inspired performances from Pollyanna McIntosh, Joshua Mikel, Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James and Danai Gurira.… More

The Walking Dead (S08E10) The Lost and the Plunderers (Spoilers ahead)

Reeling from Carl’s death, Rick and Michonne head back to the landfill to once again try to recruit Jadis and the garbage people to help them against the Saviors.  Unfortunately, Simon, still pissed after being beaten by the Hilltop, gets there first.  Beforehand, however, cracks start to form in his relationship with Neegan as he continues to questions Neegan’s leadership and decisions.  Neegan sends him to the landfill to make the standard message, and Simon looses his head and kills everyone but Jadis.  This will no doubt cause drama as soon as Neegan finds out, but he has other fires to put out, especially when he learns Maggie and the Hilltop are holding 38 of his men captive.… More

The Walking Dead (S08E09) Honor

This is more of an opinion of last night’s episode than a recap.  I’ve been watching The Walking Dead since the beginning, and last night was one of the toughest episodes to watch since the season 7 premier of TWD when we lost Glenn and Abraham, two of our most beloved characters on the show.  With Chandler Riggs officially announcing this as his last episode, fans had mixed but mostly negative reactions to the death of Carl Grimes, one of the cornerstone characters of the show and ending what was one of the most anticipated possible arcs of the show.  Many fans believe Scott Gimple has ruined the show by deviating so far from the comics, that there’s no coming back from this.  I tend to be one of those people, but I’m an optimist, so I’ll stick around to the end of the season before I make my final decision as to whether I keep watching or not.… More

The Walking Dead (S08E06) "The King, The Widow, and Rick"

This episode was full of action, emotion, and dealing with issues left over from the fall out of Jesus taking several Saviors hostage.  The theme is also everyone in Alexandria, from Carl to Daryl ignoring Rick’s plans and taking off on their own.… More