UnREAL (S04E08) “Sudden Death”

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of our beloved series. It is bittersweet to say goodbye to these characters, as we’ve grown so attached over the years.… More

UnREAL (S04E06) “Tilt”

It’s hard to believe with this much chaotic drama that we aren’t at the finale yet! UnREAL is certainly determined to go out with a bang.… More

UnREAL (S04E05) “No Limit”

Hey all! Welcome back. Check below for my review of episode 5″No Limit”! As always beware of spoilers.


This episodes title is certainly fitting, especially when it comes to Rachel (Shiri Appleby).… More

UnREAL (S04E04) “Cold Call”

We are half way through the final season! Boy oh boy is UnREAL going out with a bang. Catch up on the episode below, and as always, beware of spoilers!… More

UnREAL (S04E03) “Wild Card”

What an appropriate title from this point in the season! Read below for my review, but beware of spoilers!

This weeks focus shifts to Alexi and Jay, as shooting for the first episode of their show begins.… More

UnREAL (04E01) “All In”

Surprise! We’re back! No one expected UnREAL to return so soon but here we go. It’s like Christmas in July! Too bad things aren’t so merry for our favourite producing team.… More