UnREAL (S03E05) “Gestalt”

What a drama hearty episode this week! We continue to see the consequences unfurl like rotten fruit on a tree. Our poor lot can never seem to catch a break.… More

UnREAL (S03E04) “Confront”

As usual there was tons of drama in this instalment of UnREAL, ranging from career ending moves all the way to down right petty silliness.… More

UnREAL (S03E03) “Clarity”

Chivalry isn’t quite dead on this week’s UnREAL, as we are treated to a cheesy fairytale themed episode. This is ‘Everlasting’ though so there was no shortage of drama.… More

UnREAL (S03E02) “Shield”

Oh boy what an episode this week! UnREAL is certainly making up for past seasons follies, plying us with a Suitress whom is anything but stereotypical.… More

UnReal: (S02E09) "Espionage"

This might be the best episode so far, with so much happening in what seemed like an episode that went by in merely short amount of time. 
Our culprit Coleman, yes I truly believe he is the devil in the midst of Everlasting decided to tap into Rachel’s phone and recorded them talking about the past.… More

UnReal: (S02E08) "Fugitive"

After a tremendous shocking episode last week, this week was adding cold water to the burn. 
Romeo was nowhere to be seen, but Darius returned going back o the girl he kicked out because he didn’t want to wake up to a disappointed face everyday.… More