WOlf Creek: (S01E03): “Salt Lake”

Salt Lake:  This show keeps you on your toes. The writers have to string stories together for horny Outback guys, creepy serial killer Mick, Detective Sargent Sullivan Hill and our Eve; all the while keeping a strong storyline connecting all these factors together. They do that and more…let’s talk about Salt Lake. This episode begins…

Wolf Creek:Mini Series

Season 01 Ep.01: “Billabong” Ep.02: “Kutyukutyu” If you saw the movie “Wolf Creek,” in 2005, then you’re familiar with Mick “The Toolman” Taylor. There was “Wolf Creek 2,” in 2013 and “Wolf Creek 3,” in the works. The reason I mention the movies when talking about “Wolf Creek: The Series,” is to let you know there is a history to the series….