Z Nation (S03E13) “Duel”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. This episode can be easily summarized in “the battle for Lucy” whose major talent relies in being kidnapped. The girl can control zombies but somehow she never uses them to stop her captor, at least not at the beginning.More “Z Nation (S03E13) “Duel””

Z Nation (S03E01 – Part I and II) “No Mercy” and “No Frackin Mercy”


Who’s ready to get some answers? Well, keep waiting because Z Nation Season 3 opens with an awesome double episode: Z Nation Flashback Movie. Action takes place somewhere back in season two, and shows the group still in their mission to take Murphy to the CDC, Cassandra is still alive, and Lucy is still a little baby.More “Z Nation (S03E01 – Part I and II) “No Mercy” and “No Frackin Mercy””