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1. Can I join TV Series Hub?

Answer: Yes, we have authors from several continents. Not only are we looking for contributors, we are also looking for anyone that wants to manage our social media accounts, post daily schedule on our website, post updates about shows on our website etc. Please visit Becoming a TV Series Hub Writer.

2. Do I get paid to write?

Answer: Unfortunately we can’t afford to pay writers. This is due to the website being started by an avid TV Series fan that is doing this as a hobby. All writers are volunteers that are either writing for their own pleasure, building a portfolio (link to your posts) or simply airing their thoughts to our readers.

3. Do I choose which show I want to write about?

Answer: Yes, every writer chooses the show they want to write about. However, if a show is already being reviewed by a current TV Series Hub Writer, you may need to select a different show.  We maintain a

4. How do I subscribe to the website?

Answer: At the homepage, at the bottom you will see a space to enter your email address to subscribe to our website.

5. Does TV Series Hub have a newsletter?

Answer: No, however we will be starting it soon. We will announce it on our website and social media soon. Stay Tuned!

6. Where does TV Series Hub gets its news from?

Answer: We get most of the news from  VarietyHollywood Reporter & TV Line.

7. Where does TV Series Hub get the daily schedule?

Answer: We  get it from PogDesign .

8. Can I advertise my products/website/service on TV Series Hub

Answer: Yes, please fill in the form above and we will get in touch with you.

9. Does TV Series Hub want Sponsors?

Answer: Yes, please fill in the form above and we will get in touch with you.