How to become a
TV Series Hub Writer

TV Series Hub has been running for over five years now. With more and more avid TV series and movies viewers interacting with us, our platform now engages with almost 0.5 million+ users worldwide per month on social media.

As new shows constantly begin and various old ones die out, the industry is dynamic and very alive. No matter what time of the year it is, there will be someone out there enjoying a show with a couple of friends or with some popcorn.

The options we have for writers are:

Weekly Airing Shows: you have to post a review within 48 hours of an episode airing (your local time). We are also very flexible and cater to hobbyists, students and professionals.

Streaming Shows: you are free to pick between doing an episodic review or a season review. Episodic review needs to be posted at least once a week. Season review should be posted within a week of a show being released.

Movies: although it is not our main focus, we are trying to grow. We are also looking for writers to review movies (old and new) at their own pace.

Anime & Comics: also something we are expanding into. Since it is fairly new, chances are you will assist be the basis on how we set up posting schedules.

Articles: if you are the kind of person that wants to air their thoughts but not to a show but according to themes or topics. You are at the right place! Write about anything entertainment related and let the world know what you think.

Becoming a quality writer may take years of practice and we provide you with a chance to lay your groundwork and begin your career as a writer/critique/reviewer as you enjoy watching a show and also be able to comment on it for the world to see.

Our writers also have the opportunity to interview a few members of the cast of various TV shows they watch. This way you can get in touch with your favourite actors/actresses and engage with them.

You don’t need to be a genius to do all this. All you need to do is:

  • Have writing skills, coupled with your creativity and expressive thoughts
  • Take time for each show you commit to reviewing to watch and prepare a quality review

To join us, please complete the application form (DM us on Twitter if you experience problems in completing this application) and wait for us to get back to you. You must also follow us on our Twitter account to stay in touch.

Our expectation is that the review is an actual review of the show. It can take the form of an overview or a recap. To add value to a reader, the writer should address the strengths and weaknesses of story-lines, characters, technical quality (to include direction), etc. Therefore, we expect our reviewers to address some or all of these aspects of shows. Any subjective determinations should include support. For example, if the writer says a show is good, boring or any other adjective, they should provide support for the adjective. The writer should prepare the review and allow time for their own edit process. Review grammar and spelling. Please note, you are allowed to state your own opinion which might not be the popular one as long as you back yourself up and justify.

Application to Join as a TV Series Hub Writer:

Application to be an Editor:

Once accepted you will be emailed instructions on how to proceed.

Please visit our FAQ for any questions before Contacting Us.