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Heaven spends much of her free time in alt universe or time-travel television programming. Her TV obsessions lie predominantly with Sense8, so much so that she sells Sense8 merch on Etsy. However, fantastical shows like Doctor Who, Outlander, Black Mirror and Timeless aren’t far behind her in her viewing pleasures. 

When she isn’t getting lost on screen or researching the next Nerk guest, she might be getting lost in a DnD world or out at a music festival, because we can’t spend ALL our time indoors, can we? 

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Kelsey often “professionally geeks out” over OUAT, Harry Potter, Superhero anything, Strike Back and Syfy everything.


She wants everyone to know that she has a Doctor Who tattoo, a dog named after a Doctor Who character, and a personalized Doctor Who license plate. The answers are Rose, Tardis, and the Gallifreyan word for “strength”… and they’re probably not in the order you think.


She always feels good about herself whenever she doesn’t know what a gross sex thing is in Cards Against Humanity and has to look it up.

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I love Horror, Indie and all things Kurt Sutter

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Known friend of Time Lords, Federation starship captains, notable time Travelers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Lover of good scifi, fantasy, superhero shows and compelling, gripping dramas. And Spongebob Squarepants.

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Alex is a NYC-based voice actor, musician and writer developing two original dramas for television. As a self-proclaimed tv-enthusiast, Alex watches a metric flugton of TV and in that endeavor, loves to talk about it with his fellow superfans —that’d be you.

Alex is primarily into Genre series, including Sci-Fi, dark fantasy, and superhero.

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