Parks and Recreations Special

This past Thursday NBC aired the anticipated special reunion episode of Parks and Recreation. And while it was everything we had wanted, it’s really what we really needed. Here’s a quick recap!

Betty premieres

The six-part series is about a group of female skateboarders. They create a subculture while gliding beneath New York’s expressways and through its tourist-saturated parks.

Kirt, the group’s laidback leader, cuts through downtown Manhattan on her board, a jug of Arizona iced tea in one hand and her phone, FaceTiming her best friend, Janay, in the other.… More “Betty premieres”

Upload premieres

A sitcom about what happens when we die and how much it costs to be happy there.

Paradise, as such, waits not for the pure of heart, but for the plump of the wallet. Those leaving behind sizable estates or families willing to pay can retire to the Tony Campus of Lakeview.… More “Upload premieres”

Trying premieres

This London-set sad-com invites us into the lives of an unmarried working-class couple. They decide to pursue adoption after an expensive and futile round of IVF. Sadly, It is a grueling true-to-life intricacy.… More “Trying premieres”

Hollywood premieres

The show starts with aspiring actor Jack Castello. He works at a petrol station run as a front for sex work. Jack recruits Archie Coleman, a gay, black aspiring writer to help out with the “guy stuff” he’s not keen on, and Archie soon finds himself developing a relationship with one of his tricks – Roy Fitzgerald.… More “Hollywood premieres”

The Flash(S06E17) “Liberation”

Alright my readers, this episode was an interesting one. We had some things come to light that we will talk about, so let’s get to this review!

In this episode Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) finally knows the truth about Iris (Candice Patton) and I think I speak for all of us, when I say it’s about time.… More “The Flash(S06E17) “Liberation””

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