La La Land (2016)

La La Land is about love.

Get used to that word, you are going to hear it often in this review.

This is not only a film about the idealized romantic love we have for that certain someone who makes our heart ache, but also the love we have for that seemingly unattainable dream.… More “La La Land (2016)”


Allied is a strange film. Part spy thriller and part romantic drama, it never quite reaches the peaks it is reaching for. There are solid but inconsistent performances from the two leads and it does a great job of unraveling its mystery through (My favorite) visual storytelling.… More “Allied”


We often take language, the words we speak to each other, for granted. For many, language is just words. Arrival takes a much deeper look into how language connects us, how certain words can inspire fear, anger, and even love.… More “Arrival”