Interview with Alin Sumarwata

sb6 ep9 sm 040917  s8a89691 - Interview with Alin Sumarwata

I was so excited for the opportunity to interview Alin Sumarwata,  current star of Cinemax’s Strike Back. As Gracie Novin, Alin has been a fan favorite from day 1 and was so gracious to share her precious time with us before heading off to begin shooting season 7!… More

Interview with Roxanne McKee

img 0408 - Interview with Roxanne McKee

We were so fortunate to catch with up Roxanne Mckee, currently starring on Cinemax’s Strike Back as Captain Natalie Reynolds.

 Coming off of shows like Dominion and Game of Thrones, how do you prepare for the physicality of a show like Strike Back?More

Interview with Daniel MacPherson

dm 4 - Interview with Daniel MacPherson

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Daniel MacPherson who is currently starring on Cinemax’s Strike Back as SGT Wyatt.… More

Damnation (S01E05) “Den of Lost Souls”

Our intrepid strike breaker, Creely (played impeccably by Logan Marshall Green) meets the enigmatic Martin Eggers Hyde, Phd, (played by Gabriel Mann of Revenge fame) to discuss what’s taking Creely so long to end the strike.  In perhaps the understatement of the series so far, Creely says “This particular town, it’s complicated,” a statement that couldn’t be any truer.… More


Godless, the latest epic story by Scott Frank (writer of Logan, Minority Report,) brings to life a town where tragedy struck the men, leaving just the women and a few men (mainly aging shop owners and young deputies) to look out for themselves in this western.  Set in the 1880s, this story follows Frank Griffin, (Jeff Daniels) an outlaw posing as a preacher, and the man who dares to leave him, Roy Goode (Jack O’Connell, Unbroken) in this game of cat and mouse.  Only this cat isn’t just after the mouse, he’s after anyone who’s ever even laid eyes on Roy Goode, the orphan he took in as his own.… More

American Made (2017)

So I will be honest when I first heard about this film being made I was all like, this doesn’t seem like Tom Cruise’s style of movie.… More