Strike Back (S06E07) Episode 7"

***spoilers ahead***

The week we take a dive into the head of Sgt Wyatt (Dan MacPherson), seeing him put through the ringer on the continuing the hunt for Lowry (Katherine Kelly). MacPherson really allowed his emotional range to shine this episode, those big blues conveying grief to a t.… More “Strike Back (S06E07) Episode 7"”

The Mummy (2017)

Ever since the first remake of The Mummy came out in 1999, the one thought came to everyones minds; When will Hollywood’s film industry remake the Mummy? Well I will say this, this remake is much better than the 1999 version.… More “The Mummy (2017)”

Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016)

Alright, so there’s really not that many movies now in these days that do comedy on spies. It’s always more of an action type setting that goes dark or twisted pretty fast. But not this movie; this movie takes what makes a spy movie interesting to go and see combined with comedy and I think thats what made this movie very interesting.… More “Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016)”

Suicide Squad (2016)

I don’t know about all of your guys and girls thoughts but I’m thinking DC Comics is killing it this year! First we had the epic Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, then we had Batman the animated movie The Killing Joke, and now we have the movie that I’m reviewing today Suicide Squad!… More “Suicide Squad (2016)”

Ghostbusters (2016)

So like I’ve said before; there are remakes/reboots that are bad and there are remakes/reboots that are good. Well I’m here to say that this film which is a remake and a female cast and the whole world went ape-shit over it well I will get to that in a bit but for now lets get to the movie review of Ghostbusters!… More “Ghostbusters (2016)”

X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

With this being another sequel/the 3rd film to the X-Men reboot franchise, I would have to say that this film had a lot of expectations to live up to. And it almost lived up to all of them, there were some major disappointments with this film but I will get to that in a little bit, first off if you haven’t seen the films X-Men First Class or X-Men Days of Future Past get the hell off of this review and watch those two first!… More “X-Men Apocalypse (2016)”

The Huntsman Winters War (2016)

For those of you who haven’t watched the first film Snow White and the Huntsman, go and watch it now because you will not understand a thing I say otherwise when it comes to this film the prequel & sequel to the first film, I had a privilege of attending a free movie screening on Tuesday of this week to the movie The Huntsman Winters War!… More “The Huntsman Winters War (2016)”

Gods of Egypt Movie Review (2016)

Egypt, a great location for most of movies histories; it creates such wonderful stories and the effects used in all of those movies. The movie that I am reviewing today is Gods of Egypt!

In the movie, we are introduced through a narration of how life was first made in Egypt and how Ra the sun god (Geoffry Rush) brought two sons to the earth to rule over the humans, his son of life Osiris who then had a sun of his own named Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and the other son but to be left in isolation to rule over no one was Set (Gerard Butler) who was given the ability to not have children at all.… More “Gods of Egypt Movie Review (2016)”

Tremors 5 Bloodlines Movie Review (2015)

If your like me and a fan of the Tremors movies or at least Tremors 1-4 movies then you were probably excited to hear that a 5th movie was in the works. For those of you who do not know about the Tremors franchise I’ll give you a little summary, its about a group of people (different group in each movie some same characters replay their roles in some of the sequels) surviving an attack brought on by a giant death eating worm known as a Graboid.… More “Tremors 5 Bloodlines Movie Review (2015)”