Interview with Karin Konoval

Hey everybody, so I had quite a fun time being able to interview a great actress from the X-Files series about her episode Plus One from the recent season of the show. For those that don’t know Karin Konoval, she has played on now three different episodes in different years for The X-Files series which is amazing.
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Interview with Hayley Lovitt

Hey readers, today I had the absolute pleasure to interview a very busy and lovely lady who acts on the great television show in the Marvel Entertainment Universe The Gifted. And to answer one of her questions within one of my questions is yes James Bond Universe definitely counts as one of the shared universes I was talking about, it will all make sense when you read the interview.… More “Interview with Hayley Lovitt”

Interview with Andrea Ware

Today, I had the privilege to be able to interview a fantastic actress from the television show I review, Van Helsing. For those who do not know, Ms. Ware plays the character Lucky on the television show who is a new character that has been added to this season of the series.… More “Interview with Andrea Ware”