Emerald City (S01E07) “They Came First”

Every episode I watch of this series gets better and better with every single one. I truly love this series and I as well as so many others hope there ends up being a renewal at NBC. This episode truly showed Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu) compassionate side and I never in my many years of watching and reading Wizard of Oz stories imagined I would see a version of West that is compassionate but they showed it and it makes me even more of a fan of West.… More “Emerald City (S01E07) “They Came First””

Emerald City (S01E04) “Science and Magic”

Okay so this episode was interesting to say the most! I was really impressed with the direction they took with the character that so called “died” last episode. I really have to say that I’m really intrigued by the character development on Ana Ularu’s Wicked Witch of the West character, like how I said on twitter “the more I see her the more and more I become intrigued by what she will do next.”… More “Emerald City (S01E04) “Science and Magic””