Emerald City (S01E03) Mistress-New-Mistress

Holy Moly, okay so we had quite a lot happen in this episode! But I will say this I’m impressed by this series; literally impressed, because they have all these characters who your following their different stories and different paths and we see so much within each episode.… More

Emerald City (S01E02) Prison of the Abject

So this is part 2 of the 2 hour premiere that happened last night with the series and this episode is where things started getting interesting, here we meet the Scarecrow who seems to be an interesting character but also in the state he is found on this show it almost makes you want to sing that old classic song ‘If Only I Had a Brain’ am I right?… More

Emerald City (S01E01) The Beast Forever

So I have to admit when they said NBC was coming out with a Wizard of Oz TV show, my mind was skeptical but like most shows I watch I was blown away by the new direction they took the story of Dorothy and make it completely a new story never told before.… More