Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Okay guys and gals, we have a wonderful film that we are reviewing for all of you today and it really is wonderful! Not only did we get a sequel to one of the successful animation movies back in 2012, but we also got some actresses back to play the roles they played in their younger years for Disney animation films; it truly was a treat to be able to watch this film in all of it’s awe and be able to review it for all of you today is a privilege that I hope I do good on!… More “Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)”

Powerless (S01E08) “Green Furious”

When Emily goes to her first board meeting, she speaks out about her product that’s about to get the ax and gets the latest superhero to sponsor it.

In “Green Furious” Emily gets invited to her first board meeting, but when she speaks up about her product that’s about to get the ax, she tells them that she can get Green Fury to sponsor the product.… More “Powerless (S01E08) “Green Furious””

Powerless: A New Comedy from DC Comics

Coming to NBC Thursdays this February, a new team of heroes helping those from superheroes.

Powerless takes place in the DC Universe and follows the adventures of Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) as the director of Research and Development at Wayne Security (a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that’s run by Bruce Wayne’s cousin), that specializes on products to help ordinary humans who are victims of the battle between superheros and supervillians.… More “Powerless: A New Comedy from DC Comics”

Zootopia (2016)

For this being the latest animal based animated movie, I gotta say that Disney did a phenomenal job; the movie that I am reviewing today is Zootopia!

In the film we are introduced to a little background of how things used to be for animals where the prey hunted the preyed and everything had an order to things, however years have passed and the animals have evolved (or thats how they put it) to where the prey and the preyed now live in harmony, we are introduced to this by little  young Judy (Della Saba) rabbit.… More “Zootopia (2016)”