Van Helsing (S02E04) "A Home"

This series man, every episode gets better and better just like how it was back in Season 1. This season has had many great moments already and of course a really sad moment during last episode but this episode it had a lot of awesome and messed up parts to it but I truly enjoyed it just as I always do.… More “Van Helsing (S02E04) "A Home"”

Van Helsing (S02E02) "In Redemption"

With this being the second episode there’s a lot of expectations for it to surpass the first episode of the second season. And to my standards it did, I was very impressed with this episode with it showing most of our main survivors where they are all now, we didn’t get a glimpse at Sam yet, but I’m counting on the next episodes we will see him.… More “Van Helsing (S02E02) "In Redemption"”

Van Helsing (S02E01) "Began Again"

Well this series has been missed by many including me, and yes it did not disappoint I am truly satisfied with how things went down in this episode except for Laura Mennell’s Rebecca, I was saddened that she was stabbed confronting Dimitri (Paul Johansson), a lot of things happened in this episode but I have to say this episode was worth the wait and I’m truly psyched about next weeks episode, but lets get to what you all came here for which is the review and I sure hope I don’t disappoint anyone with this review!… More “Van Helsing (S02E01) "Began Again"”

Van Helsing (S01E05) "Fear Her"

Man oh man, every episode keeps getting better and better with this series! This episode especially was amazing we were able to see the inner fighting spirit of Vanessa, we have info on what this group that Mohammad and Vanessa saved in what or who they are looking for and we heard the mention about the Resistance again.… More “Van Helsing (S01E05) "Fear Her"”

Van Helsing (S01E04) "Coming Back"

This series is getting better and better with every episode, this episode we were given mystery and of course horror; lots and lots of horror which in my opinion is good. We were also given insight of another Rebel group or whatever you want to call it who are trying to find ways in fighting back against the vampires.… More “Van Helsing (S01E04) "Coming Back"”

Van Helsing (S01E03) "Stay Inside"

Its so nice when we get to see a little bit of a back story of one of the vampire body guards in what he was doing before the volcanic eruption happened at Yellowstone Park in this world. I got to say every episode I watch I’m loving it more and more especially our actress Kelly Overton she is doing such a phenomenal job as Vanessa Helsing but now we shall get to the good stuff.… More “Van Helsing (S01E03) "Stay Inside"”