Tomb Raider(2018)

This film is the video game turned into film that we all have been waiting for peoples! This reboot version for the film of Tomb Raider is definitely a film worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of the video games.… More “Tomb Raider(2018)”

Ex Machina (2014)

The best science fiction creates an idea that crawls into your head, takes a bat to your most cherished beliefs, and leaves you a wreck that questions everything you believe. If it can entertain you while destroying everything you hold dear, even better.… More “Ex Machina (2014)”

The Light Between Oceans

Some of the most popular romantic dramas rely heavily on melodrama.  Nicholas Sparks has made a career out of it.  But in the end, these dramas fail in my eyes because they become so overwrought, it becomes unbelievable and eventually unwatchable. … More “The Light Between Oceans”