Strike Back (S07E03) “Episode Three”

1494561 Strike Back S6 2Sheet 300x230 - Strike Back (S07E03) "Episode Three"

This episode was stunning from start to finish. Visually spectacular, with quick action and some deeply emotional scenes, it was exactly what we needed to move this season along.… More

Strike Back Filming Update

Alright Strike Back fans, I know you've been waiting impatiently for news about next season. We've got some to share now!

Interview with Alin Sumarwata

sb6 ep9 sm 040917  s8a89691 - Interview with Alin Sumarwata

I was so excited for the opportunity to interview Alin Sumarwata,  current star of Cinemax’s Strike Back. As Gracie Novin, Alin has been a fan favorite from day 1 and was so gracious to share her precious time with us before heading off to begin shooting season 7!… More