Mr. Mercedes (S02E10) “Fade to Blue”

Wow, okay guys this was a…wow season finale! I don’t think anyone was expecting the results that we got but you know what it’s all going to be discussed here in the review!… More

Mr. Mercedes(S02E06) “Proximity”

So in tonight’s episode we had a bit of crazy stuff happen and we had a lot of things happen and I have a feeling that Brady might get rid of another puppet soon, but lets get into the review!… More

Mr. Mercedes(S02E05) “Andale”

Okay guys we had another great episode delivered to us today, and it had a lot of interesting moment, I won’t touch on all of them but I will try to touch on most of them.… More

Mr. Mercedes (S02E03) “You Can Go Home Now”

Okay guys and gals, we had another great episode tonight and it ended with tears that it did, but we all knew it was eventually going to end up coming to that character’s death eventually just not this soon.  So lets get to the review my readers!… More

Mr. Mercedes(S02E02) “Let’s Go Roaming”

Okay guys this season has literally gotten better with just this second episode, it’s very rare that a series keeps getting better and better with every single episode but when it happens we the fans always love it.… More