Awkward: (S05E16) ‘Best Friends For Never’

Why has the show still be airing? It has lost it’s touch completely and they keep on playing the Matty Jenna card over and over again.

They played the card last time and now they can’t seem to find a good story and even though there is a jump in settings they just don’t have the attractiveness and the series just lacks the story. 

When Should A Series End?

Many of us wonder whether the series we are currently watching are going to make it in the long run, or if they will be cancelled.

Take Dominion as an example, fans loved it but it got cancelled. Surprisingly, the bad news came after a year as it got picked up for the second season, and, after another amazing set of episodes, though, it still didn’t survive!… More “When Should A Series End?”

Awkward review so far.

This series seems to be only aiming for happy endings. Everything take a good turn making it boring and more of a very good series for the shippers of Matty & Jenna. But for a plot liked it sucks. 

Awkward S05E07: The Big Reveal


Everyone seems to be shipping for Jenna & Matty!

Is that good or bad?  

Let’s hope that isn’t necessary!