Awkward: (S05E22) “Home Again, Home Again”

With this being the second last epsiode to follow an hour long finale to end the series once and for all. 

Jenna got into a fight with Luke and she goes to her old camp as it was closing and meets Matty.… More

Awkward: (S05E21) ‘Living in Sin’

It’s like all of a sudden they have decided to hear us, forget the Matty & Jenna drama. 

Matty broke up with his girl who was awfully happy and not even a bit sad about it.… More

Awkward: (S05E20) ‘Misadventures in Babysitting’

So far it seems like they are going to set up another ending with both Matty & Jenna like last season and this time they will stay because the series will end 😂

Basically they spend time together because of her sister.… More

Awkward: (S05E19) ‘Girl Gone Viral’

If they couldn’t get any worse they did, the whole episode was about Jenna and Matty even with Luke involved.

The article finally gets taken down and Jenna drops her original draft to him he feels sad and his eyes water meaning the next episode will be him chasing her down like what has been happening for the past episodes. 

Sadie now has a better relationship with her guy and Jake now has a new ‘fan’ 😂… More

Awkward: (S05E18) ‘Digging Deep’

After getting Jake fired, the gang were at a diner having breakfast feeling awful. Mostly for not inviting him to the party which got him fired. 

They brainstormed into throwing him a party and what’s worse is that everyone of them left their purse or money at the club.… More

Awkward: (S05E17) ‘Fireworks’ 

After ages we got to see a fun and good episode since it’s return. 

Even though July is far away they decided to make the episode about the holiday because everyone wanted money and Jake offered work on a holiday.… More

Awkward: (S05E15) ‘The Friend Connection’

And yet again the series proves it’s past it’s prime. Now that all of the characters have been exhausted we are seeing a reply of ships and the whole Matty drama it’s either him or the girl he hangs with something that has already been played out in the previous seasons.… More

When Should A Series End?

Many of us wonder whether the series we are currently watching are going to make it in the long run, or if they will be cancelled.… More