Ballers: (S02E04) "World of Hurt"

Vernon was not axed – that’s the highlight of the day as the club takes care of their own. With ups and downs he will be playing next season.
Throughout the whole episode Spence was trying to find dirt on Andre, he was also pulled into the bought by the old man who gave them a whole lecture about bringing a new client.… More “Ballers: (S02E04) "World of Hurt"”

Ballers: (S02E03) "Elidee"

A continuation of everything we left off. Beginning with Vernon who was hiding at his home after being released from the hospital. 
A very simple tip to all future football players, during vacations don’t do anything which has the word ball in it.… More “Ballers: (S02E03) "Elidee"”

Ballers (S01E08) “Gaslighting”

960 - Ballers (S01E08) "Gaslighting"

Review: again and again the series lacks a foundation in the sense it needs a solid story/plot. Every week we see a problem arise only to be solved and episode over. The story they have lasts a few second such as Ricky trying to win Belle back or Charles wanting to go back in and the rest is just filling up the 25+ minutes.More “Ballers (S01E08) “Gaslighting””