Sleepy Hollow (S04E07) “Loco Parentis”

Positives in this episode were that Molly and Crane become ever more close, and Diana realizes that she really can't assume that responsibility. The interaction between Jobe and Jenny was terrific, I suspect more to come. We learned that Dreyfuss had Jobe drawn and quartered, so at some point, there is going to be 'hell' to pay. Dreyfuss' transition to whatever he is now was pretty cool. Never trust people with absolutely black eyes. I loved the hellfire scene between Jobe and Jenny, as well as Jobe's conversion back to his normal human form. And, frankly undressed Jobe was pretty good looking. There were a couple of negatives, which is why this episode didn't get an A. It was sloppy to Diana's ex look so not-military, when he was supposed to have basically just finished a tour of duty, especially since he was supposed to be a Marine. I thought there were a few sound issues, which seem to be connected to Thomas Mison having a cold. But, at least they tried to minimize that impact. Another concern I have is the amount of time that Molly spends at home alone considering that she is 10-years-old. It's oddly juxtaposed with "arrangements" for pick-ups, etc. This is not intended to disparage working parents, and Molly is mature. Still, it sticks out and that's a bit disruptive to viewing. On the whole, those are fairly minor issues. I can't wait to see what Malcolm and Jobe come up with. Is Malcolm Dreyfuss immortal?