DC Comics: Batman (Issue 50)

Alright comic readers, we got a great issue here for all of you! As I promised to my readers I would review this issue because it’s a serious deal! More of a serious deal than those royal family peoples getting married; Batman gets married, yes you heard it right, Batman the one hero/vigilante that we all thought would never get married and just be bruting in his bat cave for all eternity, finally gets married to Catwoman.… More “DC Comics: Batman (Issue 50)”

Batman (1989)

It’s Batman Day!
In honor of my favorite superhero ever, I’m doing a nostalgic review of Tim Burton’s Batman.  I clearly remember seeing the film in theaters at nine years old and wearing out my VHS copy in the years following its release. … More “Batman (1989)”

The Dark Knight (2010)

Leaving off from the last movie, a new villain is in town and one that also uses a mask in the way of make-up known as Joker. 

Having no friends but a brilliant mind as he managed to get the attention of all mobs in Gotham. … More “The Dark Knight (2010)”