DC Comics: Batman (Issue 50)

Alright comic readers, we got a great issue here for all of you! As I promised to my readers I would review this issue because it’s a serious deal!… More

Batman (1989)

It’s Batman Day!
In honor of my favorite superhero ever, I’m doing a nostalgic review of Tim Burton’s Batman.  I clearly remember seeing the film in theaters at nine years old and wearing out my VHS copy in the years following its release.  The ten year old me could quote the whole film for you.… More

The Dark Knight (2010)

Leaving off from the last movie, a new villain is in town and one that also uses a mask in the way of make-up known as Joker. 

Having no friends but a brilliant mind as he managed to get the attention of all mobs in Gotham. 

You can actually see how he plays his tricks at the start when they rob a mob bank.… More