The Expanse (S02E03) “Static”

I want to give a little tip of the hat to Miller, because in the book - if I recall correctly, it's actually Miller who figures out that the bloo goo on Eros is sentient. Hmm, I hear a book reread calling my name. As I've said for three reviewcaps now, these episodes are covering a LOT of ground with little to no significant loss of fidelity to the books. As usual, the visuals were really stunning. I loved the interior shots of the Mormon recruiting location/chapel. Very impressive to watch the chapel turn into a simulation and watch IT convert into farm/sunlit area. Miller has done such a good job of camouflaging himself as "Earther" when he's clearly Belter, that the scenes of Miller with Naomi and Diogo, bonding, were quite notable. The peek into Amos' background is intriguing. All the people on the Roci, including Miller, are damaged but talented people. They run the ship on a very minimal crew but effectively. However, will this come at a cost? Diogo was adorable. The direction was excellent and the music, subtle with occasional callbacks to the show theme is wonderful.

The Expanse (S02E01) “Safe”

Such a strong start to the season! The beauty of the books are the complex threads, which, when combined, tell a wonderful and terrible story of humanity and beyond. Last season, some viewers didn't like the perspective changes, but they are elegantly timed to inform the viewer of the big picture, one small picture at a time. Characters are showing their complexity. The visuals are stunning. I have absolutely no trouble in losing myself and thinking I'm actually in space with the various characters. The show is dedicated, almost fanatical, about the accuracy of what they depict, without it being SO nerdy it turns people off. Grade: A