The Tick: Interview with Marc Kudisch

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(Picture credit courtesy of LSG Public Relations)

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Marc Kudisch about his upcoming role on “The Tick” as well as the return of his character Dr.More

Billions (S02E07) “Victory Lap”

So here’s what happened:

Axe and Hall paid a night visit to Bruno and then all three of them paid a visit to Marco to press him as to why the casino license was awarded to another city.… More

Billions (S02E05):”Currency”

So here’s what happened:

After the suicide of a Developer whose product failed quality assurance testing, a product Axe Capital banked on to shore up their first quarter returns Axe Capital now faced their first-ever downturn and Axe lit into his brokers to find the next biggest idea to salvage his first quarter.… More

Billions (S02E04) “The Oath”

So here’s what happened:

Wendy took up a new field case with Craig Heidecker, CEO of Space X-like company called Farpoint, played by James Wolk where they planned to send the first manned mission to Mars.… More