Chicken Girls (S05E01) “The Other Guy”

The Chicken Girls are back in their 5th web series season. 

“The other guy”   is a play on, “you should have seen the other guy”

After Rhyme was hit in the face, with a basket ball, by a star struck high school dj, “Jesse the Hawk”  her soon to be crush (yeah, you know it’s coming)  Wes, proclaims “you should have seen the other guy, when sharing their pains in the nurse’s office.More

Chicken Girls (S03E10) “Catch Me If You Can”

With a title of “Catch me if you can” I immediately thought of “The Adventures of  Birdie and  Spike” He’s expelled and she’s suspended for tagging school property. 

Last week she declared she was going with him.More