Black-ish (S03E03) “40 Acres and a Vote”

Review: Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Lawd, I needed that laugh. Ok, so this episode opens with Dre taking a “sick day” to pick the right song for his slide show of the Obama’s ventures while in the White House.More

Black-ish: (S03E02) "God"

Review: What!!! Zoe doesn’t believe in God!! This episode opens with the family plus Bow’s brother, which Dre isn’t all too happy about him staying, at the dinner table and Dre asks Zoe to bless the food.More

Black-ish (S03E01): "VIP"

Review: Welcome back! The season premiere takes us to Walt Disney World! Determined to give his kids a better experience at Disney World than he ever had on vacation as a kid,  Dre gives his family the first-class VIP experience by going all out.More