Black-ish (S02E19): The Leftovers

Review: It’s family movie night! The movie? The Lion King, Dre’s favorite classic! But a discussion the movie leads to two revelations: Jack has been lied to his entire life, and Dre and Bow have no idea what to do about the kids if they just so happen to follow Mufasa into an early grave! More

Black-ish (S02E18): “Black Nanny”

Review: Bow decides that  what the family needs is a nanny! Dre isn’t all too happy about this idea, as he doesn’t think hiring a nanny is a very black thing to do.

Black-ish (S02E16): “Hope”

Review: This week’s episode of Black-ish wasn’t Black”-ish” at all. Unapologetically so, this week put the spotlight on police brutality, which, in my opinion, has been a long time coming.More

Black-ish (S02E15): “Twindependence”

Review: Zoey gets a new car! But after Dre’s colleagues fill his mind with worries of Zoey’s Buick being a “mobile sex box”, he changes his mind on whether he wants her to drive it.More