A Star Is Born

Director Bradley Cooper’s debut film sizzles just like the chemistry between him and Lady Gaga.

For a first film, this could be an instant classic.

Cooper plays Jackson Main (Jack) a country singer struggling with alcoholism and addiction to pills.… More “A Star Is Born”

Aloha (2015)

Every Bradley Cooper movie has a romance side in it. And of course not the full one one but they also do have a plot. Take Burnt for example.

And this one had the story of a space station launching a satellite with weapons which he stops for a girl ‘NG’ who he ends up with played by Emma Stone. … More “Aloha (2015)”

Burnt (2016)

I watched the movie mainly because I recently took a liking to Bradley Cooper’s movie since they kind of have a plot at all times.

Another reason was because it was about food and being a chef and it got me curious as to how it will be like. … More “Burnt (2016)”

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Review: it has a kind of funny plot with the dude always trying to get back to his wife and he ends up doing a dance. Being Hollywood it was too obvious how the movie is going to end.