Arrow (S07E03) “Crossing Lines”

Okay guys so we had another great episode that was brought to us tonight and we have a bit to talk about too especially on what a certain someone did in this episode. So lets get to the review!

Okay so in this episode Oliver (Stephen Amell) tried getting his answers as payment to getting rid of that guard in the last episode but things didn’t go well, Brick (Vinnie Jones) refused to give Oliver the information that he needed.… More “Arrow (S07E03) “Crossing Lines””

Arrow (S07E02) “The Longbow Hunters”

Okay guys we had another great episode, and we were introduced to quite a few of the villains of the new season The Longbow Hunters!

So we have Oliver (Stephen Amell) still in prison but is heading into some new dangerous territory while in the slammer, apparently Brick (Vinnie Jones) is wanting Oliver to “get rid of” security guard Yorke (Ryan Jefferson Booth) by any means necessary so Oliver thinks if he can get the guy fired then that will do it for Brick to give the info Oliver is looking for.… More “Arrow (S07E02) “The Longbow Hunters””