Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E02) “Hitchcock & Scully” Episode Preview

NUP 184201 1153 595 Spoiler%20TV%20Transparent - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E02) "Hitchcock & Scully" Episode Preview

Here’s a preview of this Thursday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine titled, “Hitchcock & Scully.”

“Hitchcock & Scully”

Jake and Charles investigate a case of Hitchcock and Scully from the 1980s.  Amy’s uniformed officers and Terry’s detectives fight over limited resources.… More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E10): “Captain Latvia”

Review: While trying to track down Nikolaj’s favorite toy for his first Christmas with the Boyles, an action figure called Captain Latvia, Jake and Charles find themselves having to take down the Latvian mob.More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E06): “Monster in the Closet”

Review: There’s a monster in Nikolaj Boyle’s closet and it’s Adrian Pimento! When he  finally comes out of hiding a month after they’ve locked up Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis, Pimento and Rosa decide to pick up right where they left off.More