Bull (S03E10) “A Higher Law”

It’s a hit and run. Father Andy is the driver…or not! Its a case of “judge ye not by appearances” as a very bizarre yet fascinating case unravels, regarding confessions for the soul and the law of man.More

Bull (S03E09) “Separation”

“Separation”  is affairs of the heart. Major players are Danny and her boo, Gabriel and then Geoffrey, a recent divorced/widower.

 It”s about loss loves and how we retain it, remember it and salvage it

First off, “Unchanged Melody” is playing softly in the background.More

Bull (S03E08) “But for the Grace”

it’s Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, a major shopping day. Chris (Michael Drayer)  and Gina  (Tracy Perez)  have been waiting in line for over 4 hours.More

Bull (S03E07) “A Girl Without Feelings”

Tonight it’s Bull, Mental Health and the law.  It is a case of “Not Guilty by reason of insanity” or is it? 

Tally North (Quinn Shepherd) is dropping $100 bottles of liquer at a party.More

Bull (S03E06) “Fool Me Twice”

It’s Bull  and a case of  manslaughter. Its personal again, because the defendant is Marissa’s new husband.   

We’re made aware, that we know very little or nothing about Greg Valerian.More

Bull (S03E04) “Justice for Cable”

Screenshot 2018 10 15 19 00 51 1 300x196 - Bull (S03E04) "Justice for Cable"Tonight on Bull, TAC brings a civil lawsuit against the bank that provided funds to a group of terrorist.  And doing what terrorist do, they blew up I-99, the bridge where Cable was found; under water, along with 37 other people.More