Supergirl (S03E22) “Make it Reign”

Alright guys and gals, this episode it was interesting but it also has to make you wonder. Do the writers ever watch movies or actually pay attention to the finished product instead of just watching the episode get filmed and then be like “okay onto the next” cause I feel like they need to pay attention now that they’ve literally stolen a piece of the film Man of Steel for the Supergirl series, but we will get to that in a little bit.… More “Supergirl (S03E22) “Make it Reign””

Supergirl (S03E19) “The Fanatical”

Okay everybody, we literally had a game changer happen in this episode. Never, and I mean never has the series gone into a series situation happening in our world but in tonight’s episode they went to this situation and it makes me happy knowing that they have gone to this issue, I will talk more about it in a little bit but lets get to this review!… More “Supergirl (S03E19) “The Fanatical””

Supergirl (S03E09) "Reign"

This mid-season finale has literally left us speechless! Like I can not say how much I truly enjoyed this episode, I mean I knew this episode was going to be all about the character Reign. And this episode did not disappoint; now I did notice a little bit of foreshadowing done with the fight between Supergirl and Reign.… More “Supergirl (S03E09) "Reign"”