Chicago Med (S03E17) "The Parent Trap"

It was all about the parents in this week’s episode of Chicago Med.

“The Parent Trap” serves the title purpose when talking about what this episode is all about: parents.… More

Chicago Med (S03E16) "An Inconvenient Truth"

A simple surgical procedure goes wrong, a mother goes against the doctor’s advice on her child, while one doctor deals with her father’s illness while another learns the meaning of “a break.”

Let’s be honest, the Rhodes-Bekker relationship might not be quite as popular with the viewers, but it’s been one hell of a story arc with balancing their feelings with one another with their work.… More

Chicago Med (S03E12) "Born This Way"

This week’s episode of Chicago Med was surly an unforgettable one.

Let’s face it, we don’t know where this relationship between Rhodes and Bekker are going and quite frankly I would like to see where this is going.… More

Chicago PD Season 5 (E01-17)

The fifth season of Chicago PD has been one of it’s best season so far.

With the departure of Erin Lindsay, who leaves for the FBI in New York City at the end of Season 4, the Intelligence Unit has taken not only some changes professionally but also personal as well in the new season.… More