Riverdale (S03E16) ‘Chapter Fifty One: Big Fun’

Hello, Riverdale fans! Got your voice all warmed up? ‘Cause this episode is a musical extravaganza! Here’s my latest review of season 3, episode 16 entitled ‘Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun’

let’s sing some songs

The episode starts in Principal Weatherbee’s (Peter Bryant) office.… More

Riverdale (S02E18) "A Night to Remember"

Musical episodes in shows have always been somewhat cringy but the incorporation of an actual musical to this episode was a smart move to make as it stitched together an amazing episode.… More

Riverdale (S02E16) "Primary Colors"

Drama runs high in this episode when the Lodge’s plans for Riverdale get revealed and we see the core 4 try their best not to let it affect their friendship but alas there’s no running from the truth.… More