Van Helsing(S03E13) “Birth Ritual”

Well ladies and gentlemen, we did it, another phenomenal season brought to us with a climatic episode that makes it worth all the blood and gore and cringe-worthy moments that happened this season.… More

Van Helsing (S03E10) “Outside World”

Okay guys and gals we had a fantastic episode given to us tonight! And we have quite a lot to talk about, we saw Vanessa in quite the predicament in tonight’s episode but it seems she made a decision in what path she wants to follow in to the end which we will talk all about that in tonight’s review!… More

Van Helsing (S03E07) “Hunted Down”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight, and I think we can all agree that we have so many questions after seeing tonight’s episode which we will get more in depth about that, but first lets get to this review!… More

Damnation (S01E04) "The Emperor of Ice Cream"

Coming off of the success of the Riley Farm auction, Seth and Amelia try to bring the strike to an end while they feel they have the bargaining power.  They arrange for a meeting with the food distributor of the town to try to get him to see reason, but Creely has other ideas.… More

Van Helsing (S02E07) "Everything Changes"

This episode was literally a fantastic episode, but like always we are left with questions and curiosity. I’m sure we will be getting those answers soon enough like how we always do.… More

Damnation (S01E02) "Of Doom"

The battle for a good wage continues as the town deals with the aftermath of seeing Seth’s message at the end of the last episode when he nailed Sam Riley’s body to the door of the bank.  The sign “Who’s side are you on?” is the question everyone’s asking themselves as we dig deeper into this struggle and find out more about what really’s going on in this sleepy little town.… More